via Daily Prompt: Cozy

Cozy = warm, soft, content, comfort, safe, small, round

All of the above come to mind when I think of the word “cozy.”   But what cozy is, is not what words I can think of, it’s more of a feeling that I get when I hear that word.  I feel wrapped in a soft furry blanket while sitting in a warm velvet chair, a chair who’s sides envelope your shoulders and hips when you sink into it.  I envision the feeling of warm soup or hot chocolate (your preference) slipping down my throat, not burning, just warming each muscle and every fiber from my mouth to my stomach.  Cozy is the feeling that you imagine your dog or cat feels when they are lying in a ball and the sun-stream is hitting them, that content half in-half out of sleep warmth.  That’s my definition of cozy – no words, just a feeling.



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